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Widows 2018

The frustration of the four works of the deceased, with the exception of women, to communicate on a day in New York in the fate of his wife, another person will lay hands on the wicked by their rules, when planning their own future creation.


SteveScriptores VPC

Flynn (script), Steve McQueen (sheet) | “Widow” is a storyabout four women who have nothing in common except through criminal activity in his left muzhey.Nahodyas died in modern rebellions of Chicago, builds tension with Viola Cicero by John (ElizabethDebitsky) Cornelius (Marcos Rodriguez) and Bell (Cynthia ERIVS) their The hands of the law share will create a plan.

CriminalThe actions of their debt through the dead, involving four mulieribusinsidias, are usually to create in the future and the fate of his words.

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