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Marvel 10Th: Capt

Following a disaster in New York with Avengers, Steve Rogers, also known as “Captain America,” who lives quietly in Washington and tries to adapt to the modern world. But when colleagues were attacked, Steve took part in a mystery network, threatening to put the world at risk. By joining Black Widow, Captain America is struggling to expose the growing conspiracy in combating professional killers sent to calm eachseconds. When the full ranges from following the conspiracy reveal, CaptenAmerica and Black Widow beat the help of a new agent, Falcon. But they soon find them against an unexpected and terrible enemy – Winter Troops.

Based on iconic Marvel, “Super Hero”, “Iron Man” continues to report Iron Man’s disturbance, IMAX’s statement will be reconsidered as a digital image and sound IMAX experience with IMAX DMR patent technology (Digital Redirects). Crystal release image,along with IMAX-tailored theatrical geometry and powerful digital sound, creates a unique environment that will make the audience feel in the movie.

Arrogant is a great ability to fight but to gain strength, Scott Lang must embrace his inner hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pim, protects the secret behind the extraordinary Ant-Man suit from the high-end threat of a new generation. Against the unexpected obstacles, Pim and Lang must plan and rejectthefts that will save the world.


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Beauty and the Beast 2017

The selfish prince was condemned to the monster for the rest of his life, except that he had learned to fall in love with a beautiful girl who was still in prison.


The Bill Condon Disney animated film takes on a new form, with a great mythology and a starred cast. The new prince, trapped in the form of a wild animal, can only be released with true love. That could be the only opportunity when he met Belaƫa, the only human girl who did it when he visited the castle, was fascinated.


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Love, Simon 2018

Simon Speer keeps the secret of his family, friends and all his classmates: he is gay. When this secret threatens, Simon is forced to cope with everything and find his identity.

Directed by:

Greg Berlini The story of a young man for a young man, Simon Speer, presentsvarious stories about Romeo and Juliet. Simon had a love affair with men, blue, by email, but the only problem was that Simon did not know who he was talking about. Simon must meet a boy – which is blue. He tried to find his way.


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Three Identical Strangers 2018

Three foreigners returned from unfortunately, since the three were born, separated from the birth, and three different families were accepted. Her good story of feeling-good now is an international emotion and popularity and celebrity, but the integration of the legendary story sets a series of episodes of discovery of mysterious mysteries – a mystery and a great meaning for all of us.


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Ant Man and the Wasp 2018

Scott Lang is struggling with the consequences of his choice as a superhero, and the pope. Arriving beverage Van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pym, Lang had to again take the man and fight Osama. Emergency mission, which will lead to the last secrets through paruDinamichny duo was in the battle against magutnaganovagaenemy.

Ant-Man and Wasp (2018) 720p HDCAM 850MB


Description: Murashko and Wasp (2018)

Director: Peyton Reed

Stars Paul Rudd, EvanzhelinLili Michael Gol |

Release date August 3, 2018 (United Kingdom)

Type: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Format: Mat.Roska (mV)

File size: 850 MB

Resolution: 118×508

Running Time: 01: 48: 15


Description: none


If Scott Len equals superhero and dad, Hope Van Dyne and Dr. Henk PIM offer a new mission, which znayshlaAnt-Man Fights Osama to reveal the secrets of the past.

Director: Peyton Reed

Written by Chris McKenna, Eric Sommers

Stars Paul Rudd, EvanzhelinLili Michaelgoal

Category: Action | adventures | Sci-fi

Country: United States

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Teen Titans GO! to the Movies

It seems that all the superheroes were in their films – all but Teen Titans. Robin is determined to improve the situation by becoming a star, not a friend. With a few crazy ideas and songs in their hearts, Teen Titans went to Hollywood to fulfill their dreams. But soon it becomeschaotic when a super-villain wants to capture the planet and puts the fate of young heroes to the front.

If Teen TitansGeh is on the big screen, they become big! Teen Titans GO! In our films, our selfish and very satirical Super Hero in their first film “Extravaganza” is a fresh, happygame, rude children and ironic allusions to the genre of a superhero, complete with musical numbers. It seems that teenagers who see all the superheroes in their films, all but Teen Titans, it! But the de facto leader, Robin is determined to improve the situation and is seen as a star, not a friend.If they could make the hottest Hollywood director pay attention to them. With some reckless ideas and songs in their hearts, the teenage titans who go to Tinsi Town will realize their dreams. But if the group is radically mistaken by very serious criminalsand crazy plans to seize the land, everything is completely wrong. The team found their friendship, and their fighting spirit could not bring the fate of Teen Titans just on the line!