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Superbad 2018

Two children of the Institute want to work with girls before they finish and leave different faculties, but after a dangerous night, only trying to buy alcohol for school entertainment, separation of their separation anxiety becomes a greater challenge than girls.

Superfly – a movie that helped identifythe genre of character, looks, sounds, and senses is again described by the Ks director, music spots for walking (Drake, Rihanna), represents a new generation. It’s inspired by Alec Tse.


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2001: A Space

2001: Space Odyssey begins from the dawn of mankind until the next year. Earth Stone Age: With the presence of a mysterious black obelisk, pre-men discovered the use of tools and weapons to make the first step to study. 1999: The lunar astronauts reveal anothermysterious black obelisk. 2001: Between Earth and Jupiter, clever computer of spacecraft No. 39 made an error, resulting in the death of most human forces – then kill to hide their mistakes. Then time: the only eternal path to Jupiter returns to the next level of mankind.


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The Wife 2018

Joan and Joe continue to complement each other after nearly 40 years of marriage. Where Joe is every day, Joan is elegant. Where Joe is in vain, Joan defeats himself. And where Joe enjoys his role as a brilliant American novelist, Joan gives him a woman’s intellect, grace, charm and personal diplomatic role with a great man. Although Joe wants to receive the Nobel Prize for his well-known and productive body, Joan begins to think of a common, secret compromiseand betrayal.

The creatures of the mass are deep sea, drowning, making it deformed to catch the crew at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. From time to time, the dive of Jonas Taylor’s rescue must save you and the sea from unimaginable threats – the ash-shaped shark called Megalodon, 75 feet long.

Dorothy, a young African-American kindergarten teacher, late at night allowed a large family dinner to catch up with her dog during a snowstorm in New York and out of the housewas transferred to the version of the city of the Oz gunman.

Underwater seafronts in international programs for submarine monitoring were attacked by giant creatures that were deemed lost and were now turned off at the deepest edge of the Pacific Ocean, with crew stuck in it. On his way, deep-sea expert, Jonas Taylor, was recruited by China’s sea-viewer, against his daughter’s wish, Sujan, to save the crew and the sea itself from this uncertain threat: for history75 meters long known as Megalodon. What can not be imagined is that Taylor had met the same fearsome before. Now, in connection with Sujan, he must face fear and endanger his own life to save all captives and bring him face-to-face with the largest and largest predator of all time.