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Papillion 2018

The film is based on the bestselling and best-selling Papillon Banco referring to the epic story of Henri Papillon Charrire (Hannah), safecrackerze Hell Paris, framed for murder and sentenced to death in the famous colonies on Devils Island. Determined to restore freedom, Papillon, creating unlikely alliances withconvicted fraudsters Louis Degas (Rami Malek) which, in exchange for protection agreed finansavatsPapillons escape from continuing friendship. Submitted by Michael Noer and written Aaron Guzikoswski.

The epic story about Henry Papillon Charrire, killer underground of Paris binding of murder and sentenced to deathin the colony criminal known Devil Island. Determined to regain their freedom, Papillon settle the dispute, which is not possible with the prosecutor, the convicted Louis Dega, who in exchange for abaronupagadilisya abandon Papillon refugees.


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40 Year Old

Andy Stitzer is a good man. She was shy, caring, courteously, living alone, riding on her bike to work at Circuit City, with a collection of perfect action figures, a nervous term for women and for 40 years, still be a girl When he saw his colleagues, they tried to pass Andy. Unfortunately, he followed his plan, but when he met with Thish, a single mother of three, everything changed.


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The Mighty Ducks 1992

Egocentric Minnesota lawyer sentenced to a community service, training rag tag youth hockey team.


Stephen Herek Gordon Bombay, hotshot lawyer, is haunted by memories of his youth, when, as a star player in his weight class hockey team, he lost his winning goal in the shootout, thereby losing the game, and the approval of their manager. After the management fees in a state of intoxication, the court sends him to train Peewee hockey team, the worstin the competition, Gordon first very cautious. Nevertheless,finally the children’s respect and teach them how to win, get a sponsor on the road and give the team the name of the ducks. In the final they were faced with old Gordon’s team, coached by Gordon’s old coach, giving Gordon a chance to face old ghosts.


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The Warning 2018

Warning (2018)

John and Joe still have about 40 years of marriage supplements. Where is Joe Occidental? Going is stylish. Where Joe is in vain, John goes by car. And Joe is also a very powerful public actor, and Juan gives good knowledge, mercy, beauty and diplomacy to the role of a big woman. You will receive the Nobel Prize for his work to be successful and productive, starting with John’s promises, secret and shared treasures.

When in the temple of Romania, the young monk was in the templetaking his life, bishops with a terrible past and at the end of the vote to investigate the Vatican. Together they hide their orders secretly. Life does not only reduce their beliefs and souls, but they attack evil forces as monks.