Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

One of the greatest franchises for PCs – Order Foreclosure: Red Alert is a favorite company, because in the mid-nineties, thanks to a unique combination of real-time strategies, Cold War style and humorous camps. The latest edition of Red Alert 3 continues this fine tradition with key improvementsin graphic and game sounds.

Command Conquer: The Red Alert 3 demo consists of three training missions and some campaign campaigns, both for the Council and for NATO, for discrimination that will give you an idea of ​​whether you want to full (function () {(‘review-app -desktop-pages’);});

Like the previous version of Red Alert,this latest version opens to the Soviet Union against the Allies and manages the time of travel packages, nuclear weapons and high-performance series in a 7-minute introductory film. The film also features the main addition of Red Alert 3: Empire of the Rising Sun, a new playablea game that dominates world domination.

Command Conquer: Red Alert 3 uses the new graphics and effects3D, introduced in the name Tiberium Wars last year, which means that fans of C C are familiar with the controls of games and appearance. We think that we see a higher loadon the CPU and GPU on this header than Command Conquer 3, but this does not cause this slight annoyance when using the highest settings. Sound, video and action – all of a higher quality, the game is like a fully equipped product.

In the end, however. Actual absenceRed Alert3 is new. Of course, vehicles and units are configured a little (except for War War’s unique additions to the Soviets), and Japan is added to the list of competitive forces. ButRed Alert 3 is not the same as Command Conquer 3 or Red Alert 2. Graphics and sounds are better, but the game is exactly the same.

Consistentfans will enjoy the Command Conquer: Red Alert 3 and funny moments. But anyone who is waiting for the new features of the game, will be disappointed.


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