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Coco 2017

An athlete who wants to be an athlete, Miguel, in the face of banning his family’s family of music, entered the land of the dead to find his great grandfather, his legendary singer.


Lee Unkrich, AdrianMolina (co-worker) Situation:

Lee Unkrich (original), Jason Katz (original) Despite his ban on his many years of music, it’s astonishing, C. Dreams are not a highlight, with a specialist musician.Ernesto de la Cruz. In order to test desperate characters, Myanmar and Michael are different in the middle, depending on the mysterious series. How to set a wonderful thing to do, to discover sycophantam Hector Miguel, and at the same time the story behind the family.


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Angry Birds Rio

If you like the Angry Birds, you will like the Angry Birds Rio, a new game that will watch the angry birds go to Brazil!

Angry Birds follow the same game as the original game, unless Angry Birds now rescues their poor brethren who have been arrested, disabled and acted with them.Rio de Janeiro. Your job is to help the birds escape, to bombard cages and to break all obstacles in their path, including the bumpy but evil marmotik!

Similar but different AngryBirds Rio is similar to the original, but, as we have already seen, just because this simple concept does not make it less enthusiastic. If you love the first, you’ll enjoy the tasty and vibrant colors of Angry Birds Rio, while you shoot birds with the familiar gameplay and lick the cells before you know it.

carnavalAngry BirdsRio style brings colorful and interesting games to the game that we already know and love.

In an angry pod for Windows you are in the sideof a small, small bird struggling with the harp of green onionist; This game is available for Android and iOS.

Thieves steel birds – well, They (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’)}};

Kamikaze birds need revenge

Birds are really unhappy. In fact, they are anger that they represent athletic athletes kamikaze with red-hot vendetta. The game has 20 playing levels- It is time to launch Angry Birds horned pigs.

Control with mouse help

In the angry birds you use themouse to determine the angle of the flight and push the enemy directly, or you can bring the fortress over the broken pigs. If possible, you must reach the maximum number of pigs with a small number of birds, so the way you go through the levels moves.

Funny cartoons

As always, painting the image in “Angry Birds” is simple, but it is beautifully designed and full of detailed transparency. Older audio effects are available – which can sometimes be somewhat irritating.

Conclusion:Simple, high drug use

Angry Birds Brings is a simple puzzle of physics, but lingers on beautiful graphics and history-inclined for Windows computers. Gamethat is the most popular game on Android and iOS, which is very interesting in its Windows version. With other Angry Birds games like Angry Birds Rio or Angry Birds Spaceif you are looking for endless pleasure!

happyBirdday! Can you believe that Angry Birds has converted three? We do not know for sure! Celebrate with 30 new oneslayers, cake with birds and the first bubble is pink! But watch out for a cake – it is not a bed, but it packs more than just!

Stay there15 new party “Partyday Party” and an EXPLOSIVE delicious cake!

Pigs in 15 new Bad Piggies – levels found!

Greetings with gray birds! Changes Happy Birdday! Can you believe that Angry Birds has converted three? We do not know for sure! Celebrate with 30 new steps, cake with birds and the first bubble – Pink Bird! But watch cooking – it’s not a sleep,but it has a big hit!

Party with 15 new “Partyday Party” levels and a delicious cake EXPLOSIVE!

Pigs in 15 new Bad Piggies – levels found!

Greetings with gray birds!



Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

One of the greatest franchises for PCs – Order Foreclosure: Red Alert is a favorite company, because in the mid-nineties, thanks to a unique combination of real-time strategies, Cold War style and humorous camps. The latest edition of Red Alert 3 continues this fine tradition with key improvementsin graphic and game sounds.

Command Conquer: The Red Alert 3 demo consists of three training missions and some campaign campaigns, both for the Council and for NATO, for discrimination that will give you an idea of ​​whether you want to full (function () {(‘review-app -desktop-pages’);});

Like the previous version of Red Alert,this latest version opens to the Soviet Union against the Allies and manages the time of travel packages, nuclear weapons and high-performance series in a 7-minute introductory film. The film also features the main addition of Red Alert 3: Empire of the Rising Sun, a new playablea game that dominates world domination.

Command Conquer: Red Alert 3 uses the new graphics and effects3D, introduced in the name Tiberium Wars last year, which means that fans of C C are familiar with the controls of games and appearance. We think that we see a higher loadon the CPU and GPU on this header than Command Conquer 3, but this does not cause this slight annoyance when using the highest settings. Sound, video and action – all of a higher quality, the game is like a fully equipped product.

In the end, however. Actual absenceRed Alert3 is new. Of course, vehicles and units are configured a little (except for War War’s unique additions to the Soviets), and Japan is added to the list of competitive forces. ButRed Alert 3 is not the same as Command Conquer 3 or Red Alert 2. Graphics and sounds are better, but the game is exactly the same.

Consistentfans will enjoy the Command Conquer: Red Alert 3 and funny moments. But anyone who is waiting for the new features of the game, will be disappointed.


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Free Slideshow Maker

Do you ever want to make an attractive presentation of slides as a presentation in the office? We hope to surprise or surprise a friend with a photographic exhibition on a recent trip abroad. Easy to upload slide shows are easy to personalize. Easy user interfaceand the sensory commission is a great opportunity if you do not know more personalized and personalized presentation software. The main faculty of slideshow is the previous experience. You do not want to use the features you are looking for. You can cut an image,to add music to interesting melody episodes between frames and melodies, such as the balance of color balance and saturation brightness. Another point to note is that the Free Slide Show Maker requires less memory than other programs (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’;}); Convert imagesand other. You can enable the slideshow as compatible with several operating systems. You can export it as a SWF file or favorite media portal. Special effects and multilingual recognition of more than 70 professional templates, about the benefits of this package.


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Music Player

Open GL Extension Viewer is a software package for users to get detailed information about 3D accelerator graphics. This can be a powerful tool for updating or troubleshooting. It offers a variety of toolbars and system summaries.

Functions and basic operations. Extensions of GL will show important information. This is a graphical viewer, RAM adapter, which could be the type of monitor used for screen resolution. About OpenGL version usedIt also offers data, as well as the state of DirectX and Vulcan graphics packages. If there is a newly available version, you can use it directly on the download page. You can manually check updates based on the operating system parameters (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);)); Other accessories On the page’s left menu, I offer more submissions, to find new OpenGL guides and access Help section. Designed primarily by personal computersThere is also an Open GL ExtensionVisor version for mobile phones. This is achieved using the left menu, the music player seems pretty easy but on the plane, the minimal look is a powerful sound set that listens to the sound experience every day.

This audio application Leopard V7 has an incredible matching equalizer with tight adjustments to improve the sound quality of each playback. It also offers the easiest way to improve your music and audio filesgive you the option to find favorite tracks for your player and also personalized themes of great handling through the search platform used for real quests. .

Whether you want to sort and organize according to artist or genre, or to keep up-to-date with the primary school packs, you have full freedom to sort your music to the desired mode. Keep simple and artist play or add custom folders and playlists, each of the genres in each placeto match the best sounds.

It’s easy to easily change the themes and backgrounds of this dynamic application, which requires the enjoyment of audio in your new life. Choose a modern and stylish skirt, holiday designs and special holidays, make sure your phone and player all mules meet all the requirements.

Depending on the audio track source, the equivalent of the program offers great sound quality to highlight the details of a track you have never heard. For better results, direct emoticonsAdjust the headphones, and then sit and drop beautiful soundtracks.

You can add music widgets to the home screen to quickly configure and configure your playlists and folders to control new ways of interacting with music. Play the playlist or shake the device to move the bookmark and go to the innovation

You can download new topics: it’s all cool and useful add-ons, such as videolines and additional content. This elegant sound application combines themes with unique colors with the unique and art of the available album, which allows you to continue listening.


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The Wife 2018

Joan and Joe continue to complement each other after nearly 40 years of marriage. Where Joe is every day, Joan is elegant. Where Joe is in vain, Joan defeats himself. And where Joe enjoys his role as a brilliant American novelist, Joan gives him a woman’s intellect, grace, charm and personal diplomatic role with a great man. Although Joe wants to receive the Nobel Prize for his well-known and productive body, Joan begins to think of a common, secret compromiseand betrayal.

The creatures of the mass are deep sea, drowning, making it deformed to catch the crew at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. From time to time, the dive of Jonas Taylor’s rescue must save you and the sea from unimaginable threats – the ash-shaped shark called Megalodon, 75 feet long.

Dorothy, a young African-American kindergarten teacher, late at night allowed a large family dinner to catch up with her dog during a snowstorm in New York and out of the housewas transferred to the version of the city of the Oz gunman.

Underwater seafronts in international programs for submarine monitoring were attacked by giant creatures that were deemed lost and were now turned off at the deepest edge of the Pacific Ocean, with crew stuck in it. On his way, deep-sea expert, Jonas Taylor, was recruited by China’s sea-viewer, against his daughter’s wish, Sujan, to save the crew and the sea itself from this uncertain threat: for history75 meters long known as Megalodon. What can not be imagined is that Taylor had met the same fearsome before. Now, in connection with Sujan, he must face fear and endanger his own life to save all captives and bring him face-to-face with the largest and largest predator of all time.


Fortnite Windows XP/7/8/10 download


Fortnite is a game of construction life and building materials and construction. Fighting horde monsters with online friends, collecting resources to build a personal basis for defense against night attack. There is another game called Fornite Battle Royale, according to this game you will be happy! Following the announcement almost six years ago and as a successful democratic campaign, the attacker was released at the end of 2017. The match split a team of four players who are The action will take place at a number of times, with a team that destroys the first removal of buildings and houses of weapons and weapons. The harvest then can be used to improve the base, Improve character, and to create traps to return the size of larger group groups. You’ll have to fight the players who make the basis for a series of weapons and defense. The combination of life and craftsmanship works well for many, although there is a slight sense of discomfort. Forty – try to get two different games at the same time without being a real mixof both. Emphasis player player is strong and fast, however, to give a good experience of the game. This is a dramatic change for strong sports fans such as the Unkowns Battlegroundand Players Regulations; Creating DefenseFortnite is a bright game of warmth and a number of different game modes. A little cartoon cartoon patch enhances slight humor in the atmosphere of the apocalypse, a tons of fun games. Although there are several issues and proportions, there is much happiness in the delivery.


European Bus Simulator 2012 Torrent

European Bus Simulator 2012

In the European bus agreement 2012 you will arrive at the fictitious city of Freifurt. This is a simulator and you will observe laws, rest periods, the sale of tickets for passengers and when to arrive. Like this 32-bit version, there is a 64-bit European bus simulator in 2012, go to the bus, select your bus and then control the controls. There is a tutorial in which you can see all the controls and shortcuts. Freyhutt has about 450 stops on its streets, more than six areasmetropolitan, for example in schools. You can create your own routes for built-in () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Driving is what you expect. Buses are large and unpleasant to ride, and keeping the road to another traffic is always a matter of great concern. If you like to drive on the bus, you can enjoy the European bus simulator 2012, but despite this improved schedule, this is still a game in which there is no character. There is no reason for the simulatorIt is so dry and Bus Simulator 2012 will have many buses to the air conditioning, so it’s fun if you believe it. The most common lovers of buses can find a bus simulator for 2012, which is not fun.


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School Of Rock 2018

LC firm gives a hell of a guitarist with delusions of grandeur. Workplace LC person masters to abandon those in despair, he turned from a noble family at the end of the fifth day of the degrees of the rocks in the valley, high voltage vineyards. Mullins basic school head troubled personal doubt thathe waits for the new battle for preparing the hand layer.


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Papillion 2018

The film is based on the bestselling and best-selling Papillon Banco referring to the epic story of Henri Papillon Charrire (Hannah), safecrackerze Hell Paris, framed for murder and sentenced to death in the famous colonies on Devils Island. Determined to restore freedom, Papillon, creating unlikely alliances withconvicted fraudsters Louis Degas (Rami Malek) which, in exchange for protection agreed finansavatsPapillons escape from continuing friendship. Submitted by Michael Noer and written Aaron Guzikoswski.

The epic story about Henry Papillon Charrire, killer underground of Paris binding of murder and sentenced to deathin the colony criminal known Devil Island. Determined to regain their freedom, Papillon settle the dispute, which is not possible with the prosecutor, the convicted Louis Dega, who in exchange for abaronupagadilisya abandon Papillon refugees.